Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Annual Camping Trip Take Five


camping 2011

camping 2011camping 2011

camping 2011

camping 2011camping 2011

Over Labor Day weekend, we took our longest and best camping trip yet. We met up with my parents and my brother's family in Chimney Rock, NC. Our campsite was nestled in the mountains on the Broad River, and between the river, the rocks, and the playground, I think it was my boys' dream campsite.

What we did...

:: pitched a tent in the dark

:: enjoyed the placid calm and gently lapping waves of lake swimming

:: went down the waterslide "one more time"

:: fell in the river, and then later got permission to swim in the river

:: leaped onto a rock, got stuck there, and then had to be rescued by neighboring campers

:: loved their cousin and grandparents

:: spent three nights sleeping in a tent (the sleeping part is debatable)

:: over-indulged in s'mores...again

:: survived a 100% chance of thunderstorms and flash floods (we are hardcore campers)

If you ask my glass-half-empty boys about our weekend, though, you're more likely to hear about what we did not do. We did not see the view from Chimney Rock or the waterfall, we did not rent a boat, we did not go fishing, and we did not visit the gem mine. Guess that means we have to go back next year!

*All pictures in this post courtesy of my brother.


  1. You are brave. Maybe someday Ken will take my boys camping...they might persuade me, but probably not!

  2. @Kim - I love camping, and thankfully it gets easier and easier the older the boys get. In a few years, I can picture myself spending the whole day in a chair by a lake reading while my boys fish and hike. Perfection!

  3. Wow! So picturesque! Who wouldn't love camping there!


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