Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Years 9 Months

Michael and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this December. Isn't that completely insane?

What's even more crazy is that on the day we celebrate 10 years of marriage, we will have known each other for only 10 years and 9 months. Or approximately there abouts. As I started to type that, I started questioning my math, so I went and asked Michael for confirmation.

"We dated five months and were engaged four months, right?" I asked. "But I thought the talent show was in April, so that would make it eight months."

Michael replied, "The talent show was in March, but the dance on the boat was in April."

"But I always tell people that we dated for five months before we got engaged."

Michael shrugged. "I guess you can count it from the talent show."

I grinned. "In your mind, we never started dating. In my mind, we were boyfriend and girlfriend by the second date."

"No," Michael said. "In your mind, we were married right after the talent show."

Okay, that's a little bit true. But how could you not instantly fall in love with a guy like this?

Michael 2001
Michael in the fall of 2001

The sideburns. The glasses. The guitar. Oh, swoon!

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