Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Real Grown-Up


Lately, I've been feeling like a real grown-up.

Yes, at nearly 33 years old, it's about time.

Despite this conversation, I am positive that the aspect of my personality that Michael hates the most is my tendency to put off doing anything I don't like to do, to beg him to do it for me, or to decide not to do it at all. For example, I hate talking on the phone, so if I need to call someone and don't have their email address, it could be a good long while before I work up the motivation to call them. This drives Michael crazy - especially when the someone needing to be called is a babysitter, the missionaries, our landlord, an insurance company, etc. This is also why nothing ever gets done around here: I pass those types of jobs on to Michael, and he never remembers to do them.

After almost 10 years of marriage, I've finally accepted that Michael is never going to remember to get anything done, and I've got to start acting like a grown-up. I can't promise that if I owe you a phone call, you'll hear your phone ringing anytime soon, but I have done all this in the past two weeks:
  • Got the van inspected and the registration renewed all by myself for the second year in a row even though the car repairman at Meinicke called me honey and the DMV is hell on earth.
  • Dealt with a flat tire with only a quick phone call to Michael. Once again survived being called honey by a car repairman.
  • Filed a claim with Capital Area Transit after my bike fell off the bus. (More about this later.) Was definitely patronized, though all the men involved refrained from calling me honey.
  • Survived a PHONE interview with a reporter from the New York Times. And today I will hopefully survive a photo shoot.
And in other grown-up news, I practiced taking mirror shots of myself with my iPhone so I could show you all my return to brunette status.


My dad is a natural redhead, and I inherited his milky skin and freckles but not the red hair that makes up for it. Sometime in high school, I decided to remedy the situation, and after sixteen or so years of varying shades of red, I had forgotten what my natural hair color looked like. Now I can tell you: It's a very boring brown. But as my hair stylist pointed out, at least it's not grey.

Michael's response: "This is kind of a sad day."


  1. Love the color. Love the cut!

  2. Do you have a separate hairstylist then Miriam?!?! She was not happy when she heard about you getting all the red out of your hair. I fear what would happen if I ever told her I didn't want to be blonde anymore!!

  3. Kellie - I told her when she cut off my hair in April that was why I wanted her to do it. But yes, with short hair, I have to get it cut every 4-6 weeks. It's expensive and annoying, but at least it only takes me 2 minutes to blow dry my hair.

  4. It's pretty. I'm eager to hear about the NY times interview!

  5. You're still very pretty! Even without the red. :)

  6. I have the same hang-up (pun intended) about making phone calls. I HATE calling people to ask for help, and I also despise calling unfriendly entities like insurance companies. Fortunately, calling friends is not a problem. Also, your gradual change from red to brunette has been so perfect that I've hardly noticed any change at all. Still love your 'do.

  7. Hair looks great! Tell us about the interview...


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