Monday, October 24, 2011

Around Here

bye bye princess boots

A couple weeks ago, Rylan announced that he didn't want his princess boots anymore because they are pink and pink is for girls. I suggested that we take them to the thrift store, but he insisted that we had to give them to one of his friends from Joy School because she is a girl and her favorite color is pink.

Sigh...the end of innocence.


Cole and Eli have designated Sundays to be Stratego Sunday. Every once in awhile they can convince Michael to play with them.

in the garden

My fall garden is looking beautiful...

praying mantis

...thanks to the help of some carnivorous visitors.


If you're going to help Momma make applesauce, you need to dress like a magician. Obviously.


  1. Why dress like a magician when magician's are bad people?

  2. Mom - Who can understand the logic of a three year old?

  3. Your garden looks beautiful! Looks like you guys did the pvc pipes for the bird netting - are you happy with that? We're planning on doing it for our winter row covers and it seems like the right thing. So glad to find you blogging again!!

  4. @Lina - The netting is actually to keep out the squirrel rather than birds. It works fairly well, but he still finds his way in on occasion. The PVC pipes work great to hold up the netting, though.


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