Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cole!

We realized yesterday that Cole's birthday is exactly two weeks after mine, and then Rylan's birthday is exactly two weeks after Cole's. So between the three birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, November and December are one big party around here.

We started off the day yesterday with Raleigh's annual Christmas parade. We only stayed for an hour this year, so we didn't see if the Storm Troopers from last year are a regular feature. We actually weren't able to see much at all since we got there at 9:30 and the parade started at 10:00. Apparently you have to arrive at 7:00 in your jamamas to get a good spot. This was the view Michael and I had:

Christmas parade

This was how the boys watched the parade:

Christmas parade

Rylan had the best seat:

Christmas parade

After the parade, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese
for Cole's party. We did a family party this year, but let him invite one friend.
Cole's birthday
Back home to eat cake

Cole's birthday

And open presents

Cole's birthday

We also fed the missionaries that evening. As we sat down for dinner, Michael and I turned to each other and whispered, "Are you hungry? Me either..."

All in all, I think Cole had a good day.

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