Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because Kellie gave a thumbs down to the video I posted on Facebook...

...I have to post a bunch more videos. I discovered this new musician named Johnny Flynn this past weekend, and I have become borderline obsessed with his music. Some (Michael) might say I've surpassed obsessed. I may or may not have listened to his album twenty-five times since purchasing it last Saturday. I may or may not have watched every one of his music videos multiple times. And I may or may not have spent several hours googling reviews of his albums.

Michael, I promise it is purely a musical crush. You have nothing to worry about.

(Ladies, besides being a singer, songwriter, actor, and poet, this guy can play the guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, and trumpet, and is pretty fine to look at, I must admit.)

Here's the video I originally posted on Facebook. I really like the cello harmonics, the catchy drum beat, and the way it builds up at the end.

The string instrumental about two-thirds of the way through this next song is so amazing - I'm pretty sure it's a violin/cello duet, but it could be two violins. And then I really like the violin plucking right after the instrumental.

This is the first song I heard of his, and it's not my favorite by any means, but it's his most popular.

If you've made it this far...this is my favorite on the album:

And Kellie, he's also the guy in Lisa Mitchell's Coin Laundry video.



  1. The Barnacled Warship song is my favorite of his so far.

  2. I think it is his voice. I like the use of the instruments, the use of his face, but not the use of his voice!! Lisa Mitchell ROCKS!! He can be present in her videos any time he wants (as the silent character!!). Am I being too harsh on him?!

  3. Kellie - I can understand that. It is a deep voice, difficult to sing a long to. I usually prefer tenor voices. Just not in this case.


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