Sunday, November 21, 2010

My little foodies

Cole's birthday

I love how when I ask my kids what kind of cake they want for their birthday, they pick a flavor rather than a cartoon character. My little foodies in the making.

For his birthday this year, Cole chose an ice cream cake. I searched around on the internet but couldn't find instructions for making one that didn't involve ice cream sandwiches (I already had a gallon of ice cream in the fridge that I wanted to use). Now that I've made an ice cream cake, I'd say that the ice cream sandwich idea is very smart. Also, a walk-in freezer would have been nice.

I made the cake layers on Friday night and let them cool completely. On Saturday, I thawed out the ice cream, spread it into a cake pan, hardened it back up, and then flipped it onto one of the cake layers, adding the second layer on top. Then I froze the whole thing for an hour. That was not long enough, so when I attempted to frost it, ice cream oozed out everywhere. I finally got it frosted and put it back in the freezer. We ate it three hours later, but even that was not long enough for the ice cream to reharden, and it was an oozy mess.

Cole's birthday

The key, it seems, is to refreeze overnight because today when we had cake for dinner (yes, we do that sometimes), it was perfect.

Cole's 2nd party


  1. It sounds really yummy. I've made one before with an oreo crust, a layer of softened mint ice-cream, a quick freeze and then a layer of chocolate ice-cream and cool whip. Either way it's delicious!

    Carrot cake is my favorite!

  2. Jessica - Mmm, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

  3. Awesom!!! I want the recipe. We still need to get back together.


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