Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Saga of Cole's Birthday

There's a boy in Cole's class this year that Cole has talked about non-stop since September. Every time I turn around, it's "that's a game I learned from Bob*" and "Bob told me that" etc. etc. etc. So when I found out at the beginning of November that Bob's birthday was three days before Cole's, I told him he better find out when Bob was having his party so they didn't plan them for the same day.

Assuming that Cole would be invited to Bob's party. Which he was not.

I think this is the most heartbreaking thing about being a parent. You have this amazing child, and you think everyone in the world should kiss his feet because he's so smart and creative and talented. Whatever faults he might have, he's still one of the three most amazing kids to ever walk the planet. And you don't ever want him to get hurt or sad or made fun of or not invited to a party by an obviously stupid kid from school.

Cole wasn't as upset about it as I was - in fact, he announced in a very matter of fact way that he wasn't invited to Bob's party and that he'd like to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese instead and just invite his friend Suchir, so I guess he wasn't traumatized and life goes on.

But in the midst of my feeling like I wanted to strangle the idiotic kid from school, I vented to Miriam that Cole had decided not to have a birthday party, so she decided to throw a surprise party for him. She is the rockingest aunt of all aunts everywhere.

Cole's 2nd party

And there was a piƱata!

Cole's 2nd party

I think Miriam was regretting the pinata after Michael and I insisted it was too cold to do it outside. Look at her face!

Cole's 2nd party>Cole's 2nd party

So I guess if you're seven years old and you get to have two birthday parties, it's not such a big deal if a kid from school doesn't realize how awesome you are.

*Name has been changed just in case we ever make friends with any parents from their school.


  1. Ugh. I'm totally dreading the day when some little punk is mean to my girls. I think it may not be as big of a deal to them at this age than maybe middle school (?).
    Your sister is wonderful.
    Funny that your family left Thanksgiving weekend early...I did the same thing because Katie was having the worst time sleeping.

  2. Becky - Yeah, I'm not looking forward to middle school or the dating years.

  3. When I first started reading, I was really hoping Bob ended up being imaginary.

    That party was fun! I'm glad we got to be there.

  4. Except when Cole told me he didn't want to have a Pirate party (even though it wasn't a pirate party). I thought Bob was going to be imaginary as well


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