Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another argument, another poll

For the record, Michael and I barely ever argue for real; we have "disagreements." And he doesn't mind if I say "Stuff it, Michael" as long I back down and bow out gracefully when I'm wrong. (But of course I'm never wrong, so that's a moot clause to our "disagreements.")

So anyway, two questions for you:

:: Do you pronounce the "g" in words that end with -ing. For example, do you say "running" or "runnene"?

:: Do you pronounce pour, pore, and poor the same or differently?


  1. The "g" completely depends on the word and the situation. When I'm teaching, I tend to put on my announcer voice, so everything comes out a little crisper than normal. I usually drop g's on when I'm speaking faster.

    I do, though, pronounce pour, pore, and poor the same.

  2. I second what Faith said above...on both things.

  3. I think I pronounce the g's, although like mentioned above I'm sure they are often dropped when I speaking fast or not paying attention. I pronounce them all the same (pour, pore, poor)

  4. I pronounce the three words all the same way and pronounce 'g' too

  5. I pronounce pour and pore the same way, but poor I give a little more depth to the "oo" in.

    I pretty much always close the "ng" in those kinds of words--I assume that's what you mean, and not the Long Island way of actually giving a "g" at the end of the word as well? I don't drop the g entirely for an n, but I don't give a hard g after the ng either...

    Does that make sense?

    Doesn't it all depend on what part of the country you come from?

  6. This is Stephan. I always stress the "g" when saying poor......wait what were we talking about?

  7. @Jenn - My husband and I both started out in the west and ended up in the south as kids, so you'd think we'd pronounce things the same, but he pronounces poor like you described and I don't say the g except in words like king and thing where it's part of the word.


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