Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 2011


  1. Decorate tree.
  2. Shop for Holiday Magic Angel gift.
  3. Attend stake celebration.
  4. Go look at Christmas lights.
  5. Make Christmas cards.
  6. Celebrate Rylan's birthday.
  7. Read a holiday book.
  8. Gifts for family.
  9. Make food gifts.
  10. Visiting teaching.
  11. Home teaching.
  12. Deliver secret elf gifts.
  13. Daddy picks dinner.
  14. Rylan picks dinner.
  15. Cole picks dinner.
  16. Eli picks dinner.
  17. Attend ward Christmas party.
  18. Momma picks dinner.
  19. Make gifts for teachers.
  20. Make gifts for friends
  21. Watch a holiday movie.
  22. Travel to Tennessee.
  23. Celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa.
  24. Christmas Eve.
  25. Merry Christmas!

For the past two years, the boys and I have put together some kind of disposable crafty advent calendar, but this year I decided I wanted something more permanent. The numbered squares in the picture above are pieces of felt that I spent all afternoon sewing together. (I have some seriously slow sewing skills...Luckily, the time-consuming nature of this project made it possible for me to finally catch up with The Sing Off. Yeah, Pentatonix!) Besides the activities listed above, each square also contains a scripture about Christ.

May the holiday fun begin!

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