Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Big Project...
on a House We Don't Own

My next-door-neighbor has the same house as us only blue and with gold lamps and knobs instead of bronze. And where we had a mud pit in between our porch and shed, she has a concrete patio. I've coveted that concrete patio for the past three years, and finally this year I decided to put in a patio of my own.

The idea was to do something cheap, easy, and not permanent. By laying the patio tiles in a checkerboard pattern, I didn't have to level the ground. In between the tiles, I planted thyme and chamomile, which supposedly can both be stepped on without damaging them. Finally, I gifted Michael a grill for Memorial Day/Father's Day.

I love my patio so much!

new patio with new grill

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