Saturday, June 16, 2012

While Michael's Away

Michael and I have this ongoing argument where he says, "You're always stealing the covers." And I say, "I do not. I barely move when I sleep." And he says, "Every morning when we wake up, all the covers are on your side of the bed." And I say, "I don't know how they get there, but it's not because of me."

This week, Michael was gone on a business trip, so I was able to get some photographic evidence while sleeping solo:

while Michael's away

My side of the bed.........................Michael's side of the bed

Notice how the covers on my side of the bed are all rumpled up, and the covers on Michael's side of the bed look like I just made the bed. I do not steal the covers!

(I bet you were thinking this was going to be some kind of cheesy, lovey-dovey Father's Day post. Wrong! Winning arguments is way more important!)


  1. ha. The last paragraph made my day.

  2. All this proves is that your subconscious knows I wasn't there so it didn't waste the time and effort to try to annoy me :)


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