Friday, June 1, 2012

Slip n Slide with Cousins

Just a few weeks after the birth of their new little boy, my brother and his family decided to take a road trip along the east coast from Georgia to Connecticut. When he first texted to say they were coming to visit for a couple days, I responded, "Traveling with a newborn? You are brave!" But after they'd come and gone, I decided that they're actually geniuses. Except for the crying in the car part, they're bringing their baby to relatives who've been dying to meet him and who would be happy to give mom and dad a break now and then. Plus, they get to skip the housework and the cooking for a few days and focus on caring for their little guy. It's a mostly brilliant plan (except for the crying in the car part).

A visit from cousins meant it was time to break out the slip n slide.

Ry and Tess slip n slideRy and Tess slip n slide

Ry and Tess slip n slide

 I was happy to see that their baby is cuter in person than they'd made him out to be.

baby George
But he wasn't a big fan of the slip n slide.

Ry and Tess slip n slide

P.S. You see all those weeds in the background? That's because Michael never mows.

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  1. I'd like to point out that I did indeed mow the morning after these pictures were taken.


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