Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day with Rylan

at Pullen Park

This morning, Rylan said to me, "Your hair looks really bad today. Have you taken a shower yet?" I told him that I had already taken a shower, and he said, "Well, did you forget to comb your hair?"


After we dropped the boys off at school, I reminded Rylan that he would be playing at Seth and James' house that morning while I went grocery shopping. Seth and James are cousins, and James spends most days at Seth's house. Rylan corrected, "I wish you would stop calling it Seth and James' house. James doesn't live there. It's only Seth's house."


When I picked Rylan up from Seth's house, he asked what I'd bought at the grocery store. I started listing, "Milk, eggs, zucchini-"

He cut me off. "I want zucchini for lunch."

I said, "It's not for lunch. It's for dinner."

He insisted, "I want it for lunch!!!!" Then he threw a half hour long temper tantrum because I wouldn't let him have the zucchini for lunch.


In the afternoon, we rode my bike to pick up Cole and Eli from school. When we got to the school, I took Rylan out of his bike seat, and he started panting. "Phew! My legs are tired," he declared.


At dinner, he asked, "Why are there only four tomatoes on my salad?"

I said, "You can have as many tomatoes as you want. Go get yourself some more."

He brought back the whole container. "Can I have them all?" he asked, and then proceeded to eat an entire thing of cherry tomatoes.


Good thing he's cute.

Rylan sunny day


  1. The cherry on the cake of this story: Last night I cooked the zucchini, and Rylan took one bite and declared that he doesn't like zucchini afterall.


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