Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music Lessons: Dry The River

These music posts were not supposed to be all me, me, me, but dang that Michael and never remembering to do things I ask him to do. Good thing he's so good at helping me make those weekly life-or-death decisions at the grocery store (like which brand of peanut butter to buy and whether or not tuna fish is going to give us mercury poisoning - the really important questions, people). But seriously, the man sits at a computer all day and can't embed one lousy video into a blog post? Michael, you are on notice!

So here's another one from me. I discovered this band about the time I found my true music love, Johnny Flynn. Back then, Dry the River barely had a website, no album, and all of their youtube videos were live. Last night, I checked back in, and look who's got 700,000 views on one of their videos. I've embedded that video here for your viewing pleasure, but this other song is my favorite of theirs.


1 comment:

  1. Great video from a great band! Just pre-ordered their "Shallow Bed" vinyl from, and now really can't wait for April 17th :D


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