Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrift Score: New Plates

new plates

A few Saturdays ago, as we were heading home from the library, I said, "You know what would be really fun? If we hit the Goodwill on the way home!"

The rest of my family does not have my sense of fun, so they sat in the car and perused their new haul of library books while I headed off to prowl the thrift store. Fifteen minutes later, I came back out with a great big box of plates. Our old ones were a gift on our wedding day and were chipped to the point of embarrassment.

"Aren't these beautiful?" I said to Michael. "Eight of each kind - that's a lucky find. And the yellow ones are so cheery - they'll make me smile every time I eat off of them."

Michael said, "I like our old plates."

How to Be Frugal Lesson #1: Marry a man who would rather eat off of chipped plates than get used to something new.


  1. I love the yellow ones too. Very cheery. :)

  2. The yellow ones are like suns for the table! :-) :-)

  3. Those yellow ones are really cute!!


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