Tuesday, August 27, 2013

4th Grade Logic


I told Cole the other day, "I'm thinking of making you a bag to put your lunchbox in. I'm thinking of making it out of old jeans. Would that be too dorky? Would the other kids make fun of you?"

Cole said, "I don't think that's dorky. No one at my school makes fun of anyone else."

But the next day when I suggested that he wear his old soccer t-shirt to school, he said, "I don't wear that kind of clothes to school."

I said, "But it's a t-shirt."

"But I wear it for pajamas."

"But it's not pajamas. It's a t-shirt."

"But it was my soccer uniform."

"It's still a t-shirt."

"I don't wear that kind of clothes to school!"

He was adamant.

Jessica, thank you for all the polo shirts or this kid would have nothing to wear!

Eli's baptism

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