Monday, August 5, 2013

That Time My Sister Got Engaged

At one point during Eli's baptism weekend, we were all sitting around the table chitchatting and being our usual goofy selves when I glanced down to the end of the table at my sister Kellie. She had her face buried on her boyfriend Alex's shoulder and her shoulders were heaving up and down as if she were crying.

My first thought was, "Alex! What did you do???!!!"

But then Kellie looked up and announced, "He just proposed."

Right there in a crowded room with our whole family! So then I start bawling, and Miriam starts bawling, and Josh gets up and leaves the table because he doesn't want anyone to see him cry. It was perfect, and so sweet of Kellie and Alex to share their moment with all of us.

Kellie and AlexKellie and AlexKellie and Alex

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