Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden Update

in the gardenDSC_0005DSC_0001

I'm grateful for all the rain we've gotten this year since I've had so little time to spend on my garden. These pictures are all from our spring garden - we got a good harvest of onions that we're still finishing off, and about 30 pounds of potatoes. I bought two blueberry bushes last year, but the birds got to the berries before we could. This year, I covered both bushes with netting, and we ended up getting about a handful of berries a day - enough for me to snack on while working in the backyard. :)

Right now, we've got our usual summer garden chugging along nicely: as many tomatoes as we could possibly want, foot-long cucumbers because I keep not noticing them, jalapenos coming out of our ears, and approximately five cantaloupe that will not ripen fast enough.

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