Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How was your summer?

This year, I discovered that you can make your summer zoom by if you purchase a punch pass to the community pool and hang out at the pool several mornings a week. However, during the last two weeks of summer vacation, you may still find that your kids are slipping into the "I'm bored so I'm going to punch my brother" mindset. If that should happen, you should plan mornings at Adventure Landing, Jellybeans, and Monkey Joes. Yes, we did it all this summer. We mini-golfed, we laser-tagged, we roller-skated, and we bouncy-housed. It was not cheap, but friends, it was sooooo worth it.

Adventure LandingAdventure Landing

We topped off our summer vacation with a trip to the beach. Waiting until the last week of summer vacation to take a beach trip is always a little risky - if the weather doesn't cooperate, you may not be taking a beach trip that year. On the other hand, even in Wilmington the beach is practically empty four days before school starts.

beach tripbeach tripbeach trip

Michael told me to take a picture of him and Cole diving into a wave. My camera phone is not quite fast enough:

beach trip

But I caught them coming out of the wave:

beach trip

I enjoyed this beach trip much more than I have in years past - probably because I had a lot fewer worries about small children wading too far into the water and drowning. However, there was a small incident where I was joking about sharks and Michael took it very seriously and started telling me all the reasons why it was not very likely that we would see a shark but that if we did, we wouldn't be able to tell if it was a shark or a dolphin until it was right up next to us, and it basically freaked me out. Being eaten by a shark is in my top ten of Terrible Ways to Die.

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